Why We Are Here

Amrutha honey was formed in order to support the farmer’s mainly in the sake of vivsayam kapom. Today’s senario is that we have to save agriculture to save our future . To save agriculture we have to save our farmer’s. So Amrutha Honey and Bee Forming has a vision to spread the Knowledge about the Bee Keeping among our farmers which will help them to increase both their financial status and crop yield.  We will provide them the knowledge and help the in Every Possible way.

In order to support our farmers to increase their financial status we went in search how it can be done. There are many farm related business which can be adopted by the farmer’s but honey bee farming was most fascinating and interesting because farmer’s can adopt to beekeeping very easily there is no need of extra time and space for that. Not only that honey bee helps farmer’s by means pollination which is the biggest gift for the farmer’s. It increases their yeild by 30% to 60 % for some crops even it increases to 200%. For which the farmer’s need not put much of the efforts. The service which the honey bees  provides to the farmers cannot be matched by any of modern pesticides. This was the most important factor which influenced us to go further.